B'ville: Boards in brief

At the June 5 Van Buren board meeting, Councilor Dan Quackenbush announced the New York State Public Service Commission approved the contract (pending language stipulations) between Time Warner Cable and greater Baldwinsville's three municipalities, the village of Baldwinsville and the towns of Lysander and Van Buren.

Lysander Councilor Art Levy, who served on the Time Warner inter-municipal committee (along with trustee Anthony Saraceni and Quackenbush), said, beginning July 1, Time Warner bills will reflect a .5 percent increase in franchise fee. Time Warner will then distribute the franchise fees on a quarterly basis to municipalities, at which point the municipalities will distribute .5 percent of the 3.5 percent to Public Access Channel Baldwinsville, better known as PAC-B TV, to help with operation costs. PAC-B should see funds from an increased Time Warner franchise fee sometime in November Levy said.

As part of the contract, Time Warner agreed to give PAC-B digital equipment and to provide training to volunteers. However, as of June 19, Norma Goodman, a member of the PAC-B board of directors, said the organization had yet to receive anything.

Lysander approves dog fine, violation fee increases

Lysander residents will see increased fines and violation fees regarding dog control issues.

After holding a public hearing with no opposition, officials have increased the fees for violations including barking dogs and dogs without leashes from $10 to $25 for first offenses, $25 to $50 for second offenses and $50 to $75 for third offenses. Owners of dogs brought to the pound will pay $25 for the first 24 hours and $10 for each additional day.

Donald Power, Lysander's dog control officer, said he wanted an increase in the fees to reduce occurrences of repeat offenders, some of which have had seven violations in one year.

Public hearings

The town of Lysander will hold two public hearings regarding the extension of the Radisson Sewer and Drainage districts for the River Grove subdivision. The hearing regarding drainage will be held at 7:30 p.m. Thursday July 12, followed by a 7:35 p.m. hearing regarding sewer.

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