Skaneateles brothers march for peace

Brothers travel to DC with Syracuse Peace Council

Skaneateles' Seamus and Brandon McGinn heard of the peace movement in the 1960s from their mother Judith McGinn. She had grown up in the south and later lived and worked in Washington D.C. Seamus said she spoke of this so enthusiastically that he and his older brother jumped at the chance to travel to the nation's capital with the Syracuse Peace Council last Saturday, Jan. 27 for the March for Peace.

Seamus is a junior at Skaneateles Central School. His favorite subject is European history. His girlfriend, Maggie Dunne of Owasco, a sophmore at Skaneateles joined him as did his brother Brendon and his girlfriend.

Three buses holding approximately 50 people each went to Washington for a protest on the mall. Seamus said the ages ranged from 17-years-old to about 60, but that most of the travelers were college students.

"We met a lot of really nice people," he said. "And heard a lot of inspirational speakers."

Their buses took them to the metro, when they embarked from the subway the sun was shining and there were tons of people and also music everywhere. It was a warm 55-degree-day, but there was also a chill in the air in the form of protestors protesting the peace activists. They were a small group holding up huge signs basically stating that to demonstrate against war is to be a traitor to your country.

"I was offended by the signs," he said.

Seamus feels Bush didn't have the right to go into Iraq especially because the United States' government stood by and watched other countries being persecuted by their own people at the same time. According to the Syracuse Peace Council's website more than $360,000,000,000 has been spent on the war in Iraq and the number is moving up minute by minute.

Seamus said he follows politics enough to know what is going on without being too engrossed on a daily basis. He said he is glad he made the trip.

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