Roy Mallette spills his guts about Cicero

A few weeks ago, the Star-News spoke with former food sales giant Roy Mallette about his taxation battle with the town of Cicero. Since then he has filed suit against the town, citing "a gross missassment of my property," which lies on East Taft Road.

In 88 years, Mallette has left the town limits but once, and says in all those years, he has never . A former town official himself, many in the town government are wondering if he's boiling bad blood -- spilt over a contested Cicero Commons a few years ago.

Cicero officials said they couldn't talk about the matter and Mallette's attorney wouldn't comment on the matter either.

"It is the town's policy to not speak on matters of ongoing litigation," said Cicero Town Attorney Heather Cole.

With that in mind, The Star-News has decided to give the uncut interview with Roy Mallette, word-for-word.

Without the town's side, I decided we'd take you directly to the source, and let the reader decide if Mallette is blowing the whistle, or as local officials said, just a bunch of hot air.

What exactly are you suing the town for?

Remuneration + interest + legal fees + other expenses incurred in this case

What are you seeking in damages?

Don't know what the law allows

What point are you at in the legal process?

Ask my attorney, Angelo Rinaldi , 478-5820

What makes you think the town has a bone to pick with you? Have anything to do with a previous incident or position you held on the town board?

Number one, they can't stand my fighting the Skating Rink, which is a whole a story by itself. Secondly, My web site, and especially the Riccelli matter, which is also a whole other story. And I will continue to pound them with my site.

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