In Caz- EDR sets the groundwork

EDR sets the groundwork

Planning company offers tools for development of Route 20 corridor

By Willie Kiernan

The Cazenovia Town Board convened a special meeting to discuss its future options for Route 20 East in the town of Cazenovia with the public Thursday Jan. 18 in the Cazenovia High School Auditorium. Around 200 attendees were encouraged to share their thoughts on what is dubbed the Route 20 corridor in public or in writing.

The town of Cazenovia hired Environmental Design & Research, a Syracuse planning company, to assist with the future development of the Route 20 corridor between the village of Cazenovia and the town of Nelson. This was the second in a series of meetings where EDR, represented by Doug Brackett and Jane Rice, presented its findings, which builds on previous work done by the Cazenovia Area Planning Project and the Route 20 Committee.

"EDR has brought us very helpful tools," said Liz Moran, Cazenovia Town Supervisor.

The tools mentioned are ways to control or desist the development of land in the future by creating guidelines, regulations and easements that acquiesce to the style, character and form that the involved Cazenovia consensus can agree upon. For this to occur, it was suggested that the zoning laws would have to be changed.

Where are we going?

EDR presented the beginning of the comprehensive plan by explaining what could happen if no zone changes were made. Currently, the town has no available property that is zoned for commercial usage. A Power-Point presentation illustrated how 110 to 150 houses adhering to current regulations, could be built just outside the village. There could be sub-divisions and cul-de-sacs that are not connected to each other. The views would be unprotected and developments could be non-responsive to the natural form of the land. Cazenovia currently lacks a site plan review process for a prospective developer and the planning board.

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