City of Baldwinsville?

Four weeks ago, Baldwinsville Mayor Dan O'Hara proposed the village and the towns of Lysander and Van Buren pursue funds to conduct a study to potentially consolidate the three municipalities into one.

At last Thursday's board meeting, three village trustees voted against pursuing the funds until officials are able to further discuss the proposal.

According to Trustee Anthony Saraceni, the village was trying to move forward without the cooperation of the towns. He said that at a minimum he would like to have a discussion with the two towns before authorizing a study.

"I know very little about this consolidation process," Saraceni said. "If the study comes back and we're not all on the same page, it's just another study."

"I think it's premature," Trustee Joe Saraceni added.

O'Hara said he had previously spoken with both Barry Bullis and Mary Crego, supervisors of Lysander and Van Buren, respectively, and each was willing to consider the study.

"I would be glad to study it," Crego said. "If it's going to save the taxpayers money how can I be against it."

"It's commendable to try and lower the cost of government. Certainly some of the services could be consolidated today," Bullis said. "I am willing to listen."

Trustees Saraceni, Saraceni and Dave Mott said they would like to see a discussion between all the government officials, not just the supervisors and mayor.

"I don't see any harm in having a discussion on this," Mott said.

"When you have the discussion is when the results are in," O'Hara responded.

O'Hara wasn't alone in his pursuit of the study.

"Any information we can get on how to become a more effective and efficient government is a responsibility I have," Trustee Richard Presley said. "If the study can help me understand what (residents) want and need, I am all for it. Without doing the study, I'm in a vacuum myself."

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