Canastota: The Amazing Azrael

When Jarrod Borek was forced to relocate last year from a house in Sherrill to an apartment in Canastota, he couldn't take his three cats with him. His mother and father, business owners Lori and Richard Borek took two of the cats, but they already had four cats and felt they just couldn't take any more.

Five-year-old Azrael was left homeless.

"I felt real bad not being able to take the cats with me," Jarrod said. "I thought about taking him to Wanderers' Rest [Humane Association] but I wasn't sure they would find him a home. Besides, he came from there and I didn't want to take him back."

In June, an employee of Lori and Richard's had offered to take Azrael.

"I had misgivings but after being reassured by this person that if there were any problems I would be notified, I agreed to let them take the cat" Jarrod said.

"During the first few weeks I was repeatedly told that my cat was all right, however, I began to stress that if there were any problems we could make other arrangements," Jarrod said.

According to Lori Borek, the employee left their business in July. She knew other employees who knew the family that took Azrael and asked how he was.

"My nagging doubt turned to fear after a few months and I insisted to be told how my cat was doing," Jarrod said. "The caregivers told me they had recently "thrown the cat outside."

Lori confirmed the story when she started asking around.

"I saw the man's father-in-law and he said the cat jumped on the counter and ate the baby's food and they threw him out," Lori said. "He was an indoor cat and had never been outside."

"We called Wanderers' Rest but they said they didn't have any cat that had been found during that time period," Lori said.

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