Skaneateles' McGlynn meets cancer head on

Matt McGlynn moves through process of brain tumor, reenters workforce

Matt McGlynn, 36, said he used to hate to have blood drawn, but he got over this pretty quickly after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.

An illness such as this puts things in perspective McGlynn said, "A lot of stuff you stress about is meaningless."

It becomes real clear what is important, he said and for him it was "My girls."

They are his wife Joyce, who was four months pregnant and daughter Ella, then 2. Family is first, which now also includes daughter Grace 10 months; his brothers, John and Steve and their families; his parents Jack and Jean and extended family and the Skaneateles and Westvale communities who poured out their love and support during his ordeal.

One definition for ordeal in Simon and Schusters New World Dictionary is: Any difficult, painful, or trying experience; severe trial. This pretty much sums up his life since early summer 2005.

After a strange sensation and mild paralysis on his left side while out on Dutch Hollow's golf course in Owasco, Matt got a ride from SAVES and was eventually diagnosed with a brain tumor. Two words that pretty much strike fear in modern man. The diagnosis came on a Friday and the following Wednesday he was in Boston for a consultation with Dr. Peter Black.

Black is a nuero surgeon who is chief of neurology at Brigham Women and Children and also the Chief of neuro oncology at Dana Farber. He developed and pioneered a procedure that uses MRI technology during surgery. In Matt's case the MRI detected another layer of his tumor that could not be detected with the naked eye.

"You gotta go where the expertise and experience are," Matt said. "This is life or death, you have one shot."

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