Camillus - West Genesee gets accredited

AFG requires the school to establish objectives to improve student performance. The student performance objectives identified by the West Genesee High School Planning Team include demonstrating that West Genesee High School students' 1) learning exceeds similar public schools and 2) citizenship will show high quality, thereby creating a more positive learning environment for all.

By choosing AFG as its accreditation protocol, West Genesee High School made several other commitments as well. It committed to focusing on improved student performance. It committed to operating the school from a vision of where it wants and/or needs to go with its mission and beliefs in the future. It committed to including a varied spectrum of stakeholders in the process of continually defining a preferred vision, in developing the means to get closer to that vision, and in implementing action plans developed by these stakeholders. West Genesee committed to a process in which progress will be continuously reviewed. Finally, it agreed to participate in a peer review and external validation process by accepting outside visitors.

An Ongoing review is required in order to demonstrate the school's progress toward achieving its student performance objectives and to communicate the results of its work to the school's community. At the end of the accreditation period, a Validation Team will make an onsite visit to the school to examine the results of these annual reviews.

At the midpoint juncture in the accreditation cycle, one individual, appointed by the Middle States Association, will make a one-day onsite visit.

"West Genesee High School is to be congratulated for having completed the rigorous and demanding accreditation review process successfully," said Dr. Henry G. Cram, Executive Director of the Commission on Secondary Schools. "By meeting the standards of the Association, and by having established a comprehensive and challenging strategic plan to improve targeted areas of student performance, West Genesee High School has joined a growing number of schools in the Middle States region that are committed to public accountability for their results. The Commission encourages the entire West Genesee community to join together in supporting the school as it seeks to achieve its objectives."

For more information about the re-accreditation of West Genesee High School, contact Barry Copeland, Principal, at 487-4601.

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