Cicero supervisor defends adult use legislation

Lawmakers in Cicero found a spot in town to put adult businesses after a decade a looking, but officials from the nearby town of Manlius are crying foul.

At their Dec. 29 meeting, the Cicero town board passed a resolution confining adult entertainment businesses to a remote part of Oxbow Road. Reaching the designated zone requires passing through Manlius before curving back into Cicero.

"This board took on a very difficult issue and we are acting in the best interest of the town residents," Supervisor Chet Dudzinski said. "I believe it's the right place."

It's not exactly where Manlius officials and residents want adult businesseses, however, according to Manlius Supervisor Henry Chapman, who said a notification sent from Cicero was misleading.

"We received notification sometime ago, but it was really just a reiteration of the law, it didn't say how it would affect Manlius residents," Chapman said.

Dudzinski said otherwise.

"It's not going to effect Manlius residents, because there's regulations in there that protect not only Cicero residents, but their neighbors as well," he said.

Dudzinski said Manlius residents would have a say if a business did decide to set up shop in the area.

"If anybody actually wanted to put a business there, and they'd be in their wildest dreams to do so, we have mechanisms built within the law to protect both parties," he said. "People would be able to voice their opinion, and would have a hand in keeping undesirable businesses away from their homes."

Cicero Town Attorney Heather Cole said a letter of intent was sent on Nov. 28 to the Onondaga County Planning Board along with the town of Manlius.

"And we never heard anything back," she said. "We never even knew people were upset until we saw residents complaining on the news. That's when we figured people in Manlius were mad."

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