Skaneateles Setting Seitz

"I'm just a tenant, but I'm a pretty big tenant," Lipe said. "Moving me from the basement and the upstairs, I need to be able to understand how I will be able to run my business. There are a lot of logistics that need to be addressed."

Parking issues

The parking is complicated because of the fire lane on the western side of the building between it and the creek and the general designation of how the parking breaks up between property owners behind this block of Jordan Street and also the Old Stone Mill on Fennell Street.

"It's 13 spaces in a place that can't accommodate 13 spaces," said Jim Williams a resident of 13 Jordan Street.

There are a lot of areas that egress is not ideal already Ramsgard said. He cited the two accesses behind the stores on Genesee Street in the village.

ZBA attorney Cogswell said it is important to get a handle on the parking of this entire area. It was noted that it has similar issues as the spaces behind Doug's Fish Fry, which were sorted out during the rebuild of 6 Jordan Street.

Sight lines

Adding on to the Seitz building to make room for the condos upstairs will create different sight lines. Some of these issues were addressed by Ramsgard after a visit to the historical commission and the first public ZBA hearing. But a sight line between the development and the Wiles' building is still a major issue.

The window problem is complicated because there is evidence that a previous structure once stood between the Wiles and Seitz Buildings, setting a precedent. The materials referenced were Sanford Maps. ZBA attorney Michael Cogswell asked to review this evidence further because there is no reference made to the height of any previous structure, only the footprint. Wiles thought these structures might have been shed type buildings for ice and ashes, rather than a normal structure. The hearing was extended to the ZBA meeting on Tuesday Jan. 23.

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