B'ville: Interview with mayoral candidate Alvarez

Jon Alvarez is a candidate in the village of Baldwinsville election for mayor. The Baldwinsville Messenger recently interviewed him and here is what he had to say:

Age: 40

Party: Consolidation Party

Address: 67 Brown St.

Family: wife Laura and daughter Rachel

Baldwinsville resident: Seven years

Political experience:

Lysander Republican committee for three years

Community involvement:

Liverpool Elks Club

American Legion

Baldwinsville Kiwanis

Greater Baldwinsville Chamber of Commerce

Current employment:

Licensed realtor

US Army Reserves

Why are you running for mayor?

Forced with the choices I saw for candidates, giving us more of the same: rising taxes and increased spending, I decided I had no choice but to get involved. Also, I've come to learn that many of my neighbors feel they can no longer afford to live here anymore. Is that what we want for Bville? Village government has lost focus of its role in our lives.

What do you see in Baldwinsville's future?

I see Baldwinsville having the lowest taxes in Onondaga County. Combined with a great school system, I see Baldwinsville as the most attractive place to live in the county. I see us being a model for the rest of the state in the consolidation of government and services. I don't think it'll take 20 years, why not become a city of Baldwinsville by 2010? I envision a place where people can afford to live, raise a family, and most importantly, afford to retire.

What are the biggest issues facing Baldwinsville? How will you tackle these issues?

We need to sit back and re-examine the role of government in our lives -- the more roles government takes on, the more expense is incurred. Government is a poor businessman because the money it spends is not its own, but ours. I don't think government is designed to be an economic engine for business. I think if you let business take care of itself and create a friendly environment via less government involvement and thus, lower taxes, business will come to the area naturally, and more importantly, survive. Ultimately, I want what is best for the taxpayer; I'm going to cut taxes and spending.

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