SU fans and UConn fans don't mix

After the Orange defeated the UConn Huskies last Saturday I heard several people talking about Demetris Nichols and how he had a "quiet" 20 points.

I found this absolutely shocking, absurd and outrageous. With the exception of a fast-break dunk by Paul Harris, every shot Nichols hit either gave SU a lead or put them further ahead, and brought the crowd of 32,000-plus to its feet. To prove this, I went to the play-by-play sheet handed out to us press folk at the end of each half.

GOOD! JUMPER by NICHOLS, Demetris -- 4-3 Cuse

(15 minutes and six missed shots later)

GOOD! 3 PTR by NICHOLS, Demetris -- 27-24 Cuse

GOOD! LAYUP by NICHOLS, Demetris -- 29-24 Cuse

GOOD! JUMPER by NICHOLS, Demetris -- 37-32 Cuse

GOOD! DUNK by NICHOLS, Demetris -- 39-32 Cuse

(UConn pulls within four points)

GOOD! JUMPER by NICHOLS, Demetris (and one) -- 62-55 Cuse

GOOD! JUMPER by NICHOLS, Demetris -- 64-55

Nichols then went on to hit 4-of-4 free throws down the stretch. Still think he had a quiet 20? Didn't think so.

UConn fans are obnoxious. I wasn't even inside before I was reminded how much I hate them. A group of University of Connecticut students was walking ahead of me talking about Paul Harris using crack and chanting "Lets Go Huskies!" Did I mention how much I hate UConn?

The SU student section hates UConn, too. They were booing the Huskies an hour before the game even started. And rightfully so. Last year the Huskies embarrassed the Orange on its home floor. For those who care to remember, the Post's Mike Waters summed it up best when he said, (and I might be paraphrasing) it was an eight-point blowout.

I really hope some NBA scout or agent talks 7-foot, 3-inch Hasheem Thabeet, who continues UConn's proud tradition of recruiting centers who look like monsters, into leaving after this year. Seriously, you mean to tell me that Thabeet or Charlie Villanueva couldn't double as a villain in a Bond movie?

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