Caz - The Key has its day

The Key has its day

Civic Appreciation Award is handed out after week delay

By Willie Kiernan

After the weather-related postponement, The Key finally received their 2007 Civic Appreciation Award last Friday night at the Stone's Throw. It was cold and windy outside, but inside it was warm with appreciation and good cheer. On hand for the reception were about 45 well-wishers.

"With this award, the Cazenovia Republican takes a pulse measure of the community; and it's quite an honor," said Father Robin Flocken of St. Peter's Church. "We're a society of organizations, and an organization like The Key is precious."

Assemblyman Bill Magee could not attend, but sent ahead a state citation, proclaiming how deserving The Key was for receiving the distinction of the award. The citation was read in its entirety at the reception.

"One of the most important words in the citation is volunteer; if we didn't have them, we wouldn't exist," said Christine Wnorowski, chairperson of The Key board.

The Key was presented with an engraved silver bowl, which they intend to display on their counter.

"Unless Christine sells it," said Father Flocken.

The Key is a church-based consignment shop that has been operating since the 1960s in several different locations, but spent its first full year at their current Albany Street address. The high profile location proved to be successful jolt in the shop's ability to generate funds. Recently, they handed a $3,000 check to CazCares.

"With the community involvement and the volunteers, we've been able to contribute more because we're making more money," Wnorowski said

Volunteers for The Key typically work three hour shifts Monday through Friday, then youth workers come in on Saturday. There are currently 57 volunteers involved with The Key.

"This place has had a real impact on me," Wnorowski said. "The things that happen at The Key are amazing. The friendships I've found with The Key are priceless. It's been an incredible experience."

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