Camillus- Pete Kitt Jr. invents lifesaving device

Pete Kitt, Jr. has developed an LED light that he believes can be a lifesaver during the kind of stormy winter weather we've been experiencing recently.

Kitt, whose family has operated Pete Kitt's in Camillus for over 40 years, runs a fleet of tow trucks, which have been on duty around the clock in recent days.

He developed the light, called the PodLight, in 2006, as a work tool, because it is cordless, rechargeable, has "hands free" capabilities, and it can be used in hard to reach places where electric cords can not go.

The light, which some refer to as the Swiss Army knife of lights, has one other feature, which Kitt is convinced can make the difference between life and death during winter driving conditions.

It works as a double flashing strobe, able to flash continuously while connected to a car lighter for up to ten days. When operating off of its own rechargeable battery, the Podlight's emergency strobe can flash for 48 hours.

"People have lost their lives when their vehicles have become disabled during snow storms," Kitt said. "We were touched by the story of the James Kim family's struggle to survive a Thanksgiving snow storm. A light such as the PodLight could enable people to be found and rescued, while they remain within the shelter of their vehicle."

The ins and outs of the PodLight

The PodLight is an essential new personal safety tool for winter driving. The PodLight, a new cordless, rechargeable LED worklight, flashlight and emergency safety strobe light, is an essential tool for safer winter driving.

The PodLight can be instantly, magnetically mounted on the car door or roof to signal for help while the driver remains within the shelter of the vehicle.

Because it has a repositionable collar with a strong magnet, as well as a rotating hook for hanging, the PodLight offers hands free convenience as a worklight, providing illumination for digging out of snow banks, changing a tire at night, or jump-starting

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