Caz: Marquardt in driver's seat

"It really is fascinating. You drive up and down Route 20 and you have no idea what's happening inside these four walls. There's a lot going on here in 70,000 sq. feet which is not a big footprint," Wardell said.

Marquardt GmbH, the parent company, was founded in Rietheim Germany in 1925 by two men named Johannes Marquardt, unrelated. One was a merchant and the other an engineer. Today, they have expanded globally with additional factories in Germany, Switzerland, China, Tunisia, India, Romania and the US. They currently employ over 3,000 personnel around the world.

"We're looking towards hiring more skilled people. Before this we had more manual assembly, and now we're moving to more automated assembly. There are opportunities for our current employees, but many opportunities for new employees as well," said Jeanette Tancredi, Manager of Human Resources. "That's on the production side. On the other side, there are openings for test lab technicians, engineers, toolmakers, machine repair and all types of professionals as we grow."

Marquardt offers a competitive compensation and benefit package with a 401K and medical, dental, disability and life insurance. They offer tuition reimbursement and a flexible-spending plan. They are looking for people with a four-year degree and experience in the automotive industry with attentiveness for detail.

"We feel we have a beautiful facility and a wonderful work environment here," Tancredi said. "We have people commuting from Syracuse, Cortland, Norwich and as far as Auburn."

"When you look at manufacturing in upstate New York, a lot of people get worried and concerned, and they should because there's a lot of competition out there, in this country and out of this country," said Michael Beckett, President of Marquardt. "This company has been successful in upstate New York and we've made a commitment to continue in upstate New York. We have a great, great future ahead of us right here in Madison County."

The challenge that Marquardt has is people - finding the right people, attracting the right people, hiring the right people. They offer a bright, challenging and ultimately rewarding career in the field of manufacturing for the right person and are willing to train. Marquardt is not only surviving in upstate New York, they are thriving. Visit their web site at www.switches.com.

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