New assessors for Skaneateles and Spafford and new zoning officer for Spafford

2008 welcomes new assessors to the towns of Skaneateles and Spafford. After lengthy meetings of committees appointed by Supervisor Phil Tierney of Skaneateles and Supervisor Webb Stevens of Spafford, each search was narrowed to two and finally one was selected.

Ron Miller took the helm in Skaneateles January 1, the town's first full time appointed assessor. "He has been in and out for the last month working with Bob Brown and Lore Milne before they go out of office to get a feel for the town and of important issues," Tierney said. "They have given him tips on what to look for; it was an orientation into responsibilities so he has a sense of what is important here."

The supervisor wants to avoid a repeat of the 2005 re-evaluation when some taxes jumped excessively. "We'll be doing more frequent assessments. He is going to be part of a six-year program we are signing up with the Office of Real Property Services, a state agency with a regional office in Syracuse," Tierney said.

Miller will be the only assessor for the Town of Skaneateles; his annual salary is $50,000.

What does he bring to the position? Tierney said, "He has great life experience. We felt he had the right personality and knowledge to deal with the people and issues here."

Miller and his wife, Nancy, live in Otter Lake where he has been working for the past five years as assessor and code enforcement officer for the Town of Inlet. He is renting in Skaneateles and after their house in the Adirondacks sells will be purchasing one in this area, he said.

Previously he was director of real estate for the Dial Corporation for 20 years in Phoenix, Arizona; before that he was associated with Bosch & Lomb in Rochester.

"My background has been in corporate real estate doing market values and appraising. We handled all of the corporate real estate for Bosch & Lomb in Rochester before Dial," Miller said.

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