Magician thrills rec center audience

Ambs said he was stunned momentarily as he saw Wade wobbling from the impact, but suddenly the magician reached into his mouth and produced the paintball. He offered it to Ambs, who inspected it and announced it was indeed that signed ball he had seen loaded into the gun just moments before.

Both the magician's helpers gave their testimony to Wade's magic.

"I knew it was the ball I had written on when I got a look at it and saw where I wrote 'Joe Ambs 100-10' on it," Ambs said. "I was shocked and I believe in his magic now. He put on a great show."

"It was amazing -- I loved it," Smith agreed. "I had a blast and he had me on the edge of my seat the whole show."

The show was a joint presentation between the Rec Department and Augustine Martial Arts and offered as a free holiday gift to the community, said Sempi Roy Augustine.

"This is our way of giving something back for the way our new martial arts studio has been received here," he said. "I have known Wade since he performed his first card trick, and I knew he would go over well with the Oneida audience. It's Christmas time, so we wanted to spread some good cheer."

Wade said he was glad to be a part of the holiday entertainment gift.

"I think they were a really good audience, and I hope everyone enjoyed the show," Wade said.

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