Village receives DEC extension on WWTP upgrades

The Canastota Fire Department recently installed five dry hydrants and would like homeowners to help keep the snow cleared around them.

At the village board meeting on Dec. 17, Mayor Todd Rouse said he would like homeowners to "adopt a hydrant" near their home by keeping the snow cleared away from fire hydrants to help the village Department of Public Works and the fire department see them in case of emergencies.

Extension granted

Rouse told board members that the application for a one-year extension to begin upgrades at the waste water treatment plant has been granted by the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

"It gives us a little more time to fine tune the project," Rouse said. He said it would give the village four years instead of three to begin the upgrades to the project.

Preliminary plans have been submitted to the DEC, according to Rouse and the next step would be to look at maintenance of the existing plant.

Rouse explained that just general maintenance at the plant could cost $2 million. He said the combined sewer overflow is the biggest issue but regular maintenance at the plant is expensive. Rouse explained just one area of expense at the sewer plant. He said the two clarigesters were installed in the 1950s. They work similar to a septic tank where the sewage is piped in and mechanisms turn inside the clarigesters.

The mechanisms have ceased to turn and when the upgrades were made to the plant in the 1980s, they were never replaced, so the system does not work as efficiently as it should.

The downside is that parts are no longer made for that area of the system. He said the two pipes need to be cleaned every five years, but there is no access to the pipes except by going in with five gallon buckets and cleaning them out.

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