ES-M community strengthens ties

On Dec. 5 the CORE planning team -- the body responsible for writing the strategic plan -- had its first meeting. The CORE team is a group of people representing all the different parts of the ES-M community. At the meeting, the members went through a training session on what the school expects the strategic plan to accomplish.

"It's a multi-year strategic plan," DeSiato said. "It really determines the priorities and goals and then the action steps for achieving those goals."

What's the purpose?

"The strategic plan is ES-M's effort to make sure the school district is able to re-vamp its curriculum to prepare students for a changing and more globalized world economy," said Judy Morgan, executive director of curriculum, instruction and accountability and leader of the strategic planning process.

"Now we are going to create an environment to allow students to be functional in a changing job market," Morgan said.

ES-M prides itself on its tech-based curriculum, which offers numerous opportunities for students not college-bound. Morgan said the school wants to evaluate and improve this part of the curriculum through discussion with the community to see what kinds of skills ES-M can start teaching, for instance, health services.

The strategic plan also aims to engage the community and involve it in decision making.

"Its actually an opportunity for us to invite them and allow them to be involved in the future of ES-M," DeSiato said. "And we have had a terrific response. For us, it's really reaching out to our parents as well as inviting students to participate, in addition, inviting and involving our staff members and community members who may be residents without children."

What is ES-M doing?

ES-M is in the very initial stage of defining its goals and forming a group to do the further analysis in the reality check and action plan stages. To define its goals, ES-M is bringing in the perspectives of the community.

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