In Marcellus, Kinderwood residents clash

The great thing about living in a small town is that everyone knows everyone and it is one big family. The bad thing about living in a small town is that everyone knows everyone and it is one big family. If someone transgresses or forgets a promise, there is always someone there to remind you.

Such is the case between the residents of upper Kinderwood Drive and developer Ted Kinder.

The promise in question involves undeveloped Lots 10 and 11 on Kinderwood Drive. Both have remained untouched for years. Both have extremely steep access points from the road making it difficult to get on the properties. Both helped form part of what Kinder referred to as "permanent green space" when originally advertised lots for sale in the development. Thus residents were equally surprised and dismayed to see a backhoe and logging crew cut a wide swath as an entranceway down to these lots earlier this month. Kinder said he was only removing dead trees on the property. Residents say something else is happening.

"The size of the cut clearly indicates that an access road is being built to those lots," said Dr. Eva Briggs. "Dead trees weren't all that were removed. Plenty of live trees went down."

Indeed pictures show a huge stack of cut logs, the wood fresh, a lot of it too fresh to be considered dead wood.

For over a dozen years, residents have accessed the property via an old railroad path. Families regularly picnic in the area, children and teens swim in the creek, and catch crawfish, and there is plenty of wildlife from deer to foxes making their homes in the forested space. Indeed Kinder has never posted the land, forbidden residents from walking and hiking the area, and up until recently, even maintained the bridge that crosses the creek. Residents are more than fearful that this is the beginning of the end for the 'designated green space' and angered over the breaking of what they felt was a promise that the area would remain green, a haven for both families and wildlife to enjoy.

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