Hamilton columnist walks the walk

Columnist walks the walk

Audio-visual grunt Deadhead becomes trustee by hair

By Willie Kiernan

Jim Bona, recently elected to the Hamilton Village Board of Trustees, is now writing a weekly column for this paper entitled The Green Corner. Each week he comes up with new and creative ideas on conservation and how to live green. Not only does he talk the talk, he literally walks the walk.

Bona and his wife Elvia, both work at Colgate University. Everyday, they leave their two vehicles home in the driveway and walk to work. It's a 10-minute trip but they also go home for lunch each day adding up to at least 40 minutes a piece.

"I want to change the whole world or save the world or something like that, because in reality, that is the plan. Of course, it is impossible, but we have to try," Bona said. "If everybody does just a little bit, it builds up,"

Bona is a technical aide providing classroom support for teachers and events. He leads a small army of student-workers on different jobs across the campus and is the back-up should any call in sick.

"I'm the A.V. grunt," he said. "Our job is cool because we're not like cafeteria workers, seven to three or eight to four everyday. The jobs are posted on the wall and they take the ones they want at whatever time is convenient for them."

The village of Hamilton election in June was a victory for Bona, but by a very narrow margin. There were 331 votes cast along with 31 write-in votes. He won by three votes and there had to be a re-count.

"The county came in and started looking at write-ins. I was really sweating it out," Bona said. "I think six or seven were thrown out, but I think I gained one. If I was to preach anything political, I'd say read the directions for absentee voting."

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