Five reasons to recycle your batteries

Batteries Plus of CNY Helps Promote Environmental Awareness.

Stop! Don't throw away that old battery -- recycle it!

Batteries Plus - the largest U.S. retail chain focused on the expanding $22 billion battery category - at 3530 Erie Blvd. East (across from Shoppingtown Mall) will recycle old batteries for free, helping promote recycling throughout the community.

Batteries Plus provides the following helpful reasons why it is important for battery consumers to recycle batteries:

* Recycling batteries keeps all hazardous metal in the same place, rather than spreading it all over landfills.

* Most batteries are rechargeable -- meaning there is more life to the battery even after you think it is dead.

* Cost of putting batteries in a landfill is saved.

* Metals reclaimed from battery recycling are reused and re-manufactured to build more batteries. Also, the plastic recovered from the recycled battery can be reused.

* Recycling batteries is good environmental policy and saves natural resources.

Everyone uses batteries.

Whether that be in your cellular or cordless phone, camcorder, power tools, portable electronic products or even your car -- batteries are used daily. However, rarely do those batteries get recycled when they are dead.

"So many people throw away their old batteries without knowing they have the ability to recycle it or even re-charge it," said Dave Ferguson, store manager of the Syracuse area Batteries Plus, in Dewitt.

Ferguson and Tom Ruhlman of Skaneateles who is the owner of Batteries Plus, hope to promote recycling awareness within the Central New York community.

Batteries Plus is a leader in the recycling of Lead Acid, Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, and Lithium Ion batteries. The franchise participates in EPA approved methods of recycling in full compliance with all federal, state, EPA, and DOT regulations governing the disposal of rechargeable batteries.

About Batteries Plus

Batteries Plus is the nation's largest retail chain of its kind, offering a comprehensive selection of batteries, battery-related products and technical support that meet growing battery demands for consumer and commercial customers. In addition to thousands of batteries, stores also feature a Tech Center that is equipped to design, assemble, rebuild, and test custom battery packs.

For more information, visit www.batteriesplus.com.

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