Thoroughly Modern Millie

Take a trip back in time with the quintessential comedy that whirls audiences back to the roaring 1920s into the fabulous world of rising hemlines, flappers, camouflaged speakeasies and toe-tapping jazz hits. Thoroughly Modern Millie is now showing through Aug. 17 at the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse, Emerson Park, Auburn.

Millie Dillmount, a single woman in her 20's, escapes her hometown life in Salina, Kansas and heads to New York with plans to make it big by finding a job and then quickly marring her rich boss. Once in New York, Millie embraces the "flapper" lifestyle and takes a job as a stenographer at the Sincere Trust Insurance Company.

She moves into the Priscilla Hotel for Women and finds a friend in a penniless, young actress, Dorothy Brown. After getting nowhere with her no-nonsense boss, Treavor Graydon, Millie takes up with Jimmy Smith, a paper-clip salesman with a sordid past. But soon, Millie's love life is the least of her worries as she finds that she, along with all the other girls in the hotel, are targets for Mrs. Meers, the disgruntled former actress-turned-criminal who, under the disguise of a kindly Chinese proprietress of the Priscilla Hotel, masks her real profession: female slavery.

By stories end, Millie, Dorothy, Jimmy and the rest navigate love's ups and downs, foil Mrs. Meers plot and tap-dance their way to a happy ending. Thoroughly Modern Millie features an exciting mix of action and comedy, all powered by a terrific score and high-energy choreography.

For tickets to Thoroughly Modern Millie or additional information, contact the Merry-Go-Round Box Office at 255-1785; toll free at 1-800-457-8897 or visit online at merry-go-round.com.

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