DeWitt: Mall gets 'wheel' secure

"It makes you two or three times more effective," Fedorich said.

This quick speed comes in handy in the event of a medical emergency, too. Pouches in the front and on the side of the roller are large enough to carry medical supplies and a portable defibrillator.

"All our officers are cross-trained in CPR and AED," Fedorich said. "Instead of having to run to a call for an unconscious person and getting there out of breath to perform CPR, they can ride up, they're not out of breath and they have all the equipment right there with them."

A taller perspective

Not only can you get around quicker, the Segway raises security officers up another eight inches from the ground. In fact, ShoppingTown employs one officer who alone is 6'3, but when on the device rises to a height of 6'9.

"Now instead of looking at cars, he can actually look down into cars," Fedorich said. "So it serves a lot of purposes and allows us to see things from a better perspective and viewpoint."

Bike patrol combines with police

Mall security officers will now have buddies to bike with while patrolling mall property: officers from the DeWitt Police Department.

The mall's bike patrol seasonal program kicked off during the annual fireworks display in late June. Now, officers have the opportunity to periodically work alongside members of the DPD, giving an increased presence that will also function as a crime deterrent.

"They [ShoppingTown Security] have their own bike patrol so they would ride side by side with a patrol officer when assigned," said Sergeant Jim Hildmann of DPD. "They know more about their property then we do, but we have the law enforcement capabilities to make arrests upon viewing a crime so the combination will be good, especially for special events."

ShoppingTown has four bikes equipped with first aid equipment and nine officers who riding the property. On the bike, officers are able to patrol areas of the property that the truck or Segway cannot.

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