Siobhan Fallon Hogan still a Cazenovian

"Because of that show, I got on Saturday Night Live and Seinfeld," she said.

About five years ago, she wrote another one-woman show called "Momma," which she performed off-Broadway at the Atlantic Theatre Co. for about six months.

"One-woman shows are hard to do and not as fun as it looks," she said. "You go to someone and say remember that and go, oh yeah, I was the only one in that one."

Nowadays, Fallon Hogan does a movie or two a year and a TV spot here or there, but she prefers not to go anywhere without her children. Bernadette, Peter and Sinead love to live in Cazenovia each summer for the berry-picking, the jam-making, the horseback riding, the basketball camp, the Bible camp and the visits with the cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

"I like the way it is," Fallon Hogan said. "I don't want to work all the time. I like playing small character parts so I can be with my kids."

If she had her choice, she would move them all back to Cazenovia, but her husband Peter, who is a commodities trader, prefers the home in New Jersey. Last week, Fallon Hogan took an overnight trip to Manhattan for an audition and to pitch a TV pilot script she co-wrote.

"I love going to New York but it's weird. Because I lived there for 18 years it's kind of nostalgic, but after a day in the sticky summer heat, it's great to come back to Caz."

Though many things have changed, Fallon Hogan still calls everything by their old names. Emma's On Main Street is the Chocolate Shop; the Golden Pheasant is Caz Bar and the Cazenovia Motel is Brown's Motel. Every summer she returns and something is named something else, but Caz is still Caz.

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