Camillus-new stop sign needed

When the stop light was installed at the intersection of West Genesee Street and Whedon Road, residents, especially those who had a hard time pulling off of Whedon Road on to West Genesee Street, because of all of the traffic, were pleased.

The light took a little getting used to, but since its installation it has served its purpose to allow traffic to run smoother. However, in the process of allowing traffic to pull out more easily from Whedon Road, it has also created a lot more traffic cutting through from the city down Semeloh Drive and on to Whedon Road.

People who have lived in the area for a while are aware of the typical traffic patterns; however, it seems to be those cutting through who aren't aware of the number of children in the those neighborhoods, the speed limit, or where stop signs are located.

When one is attempting to pull out of the Hidden Knowles development there is a blind spot, which makes it difficult to see if there are cars coming up the hill. Often, cars coming up this hill are traveling at a fairly high rate of speed.

The proposed stop sign will be installed for traffic coming up the hill, not for traffic coming down the hill, as some would expect.

The reason behind this decision is because drivers are so concerned with those coming up the hill that they forget to focus on traffic coming down the hill.

"I'm in favor of the stop sign," said Third Ward Councilor Bill Davern. "If it doesn't work we will pull the sign, we've done it before."

While some residents believe that the stop sign is being proposed in the "wrong place" a majority or residents are supporting the proposal.

"I only received calls in favor of the stop sign," said Jim Salanger.

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