Buyer beware

The workers one day left the key on and killed the battery to one of the vehicles. Jim McLean loaned the mason a battery until he could get his recharged. Several nights later, at 10 p.m. while Jim was at work, the mason returned the battery, knocking on the door while Nicole and the girls were in bed. On another day, he asked Nicole if she was afraid at night without her husband there, if she had a gun, if she knew how to use it.

On Saturday July 7, Jim McLean confronted the mason, who seemed to have an unlimited amount of excuses for why the job was taking so long.

"He looked me in the eye and promised me he'd be here Monday and every day afterwards until the job was done," McLean said. "He even said we were so good to him that he'd do extra work."

By this time they knew he was lying. Monday passed, then Tuesday, on Wednesday McLean went to the mason's house.

"He said he was just coming over. I said, where were you on Monday? He said it was too hot on Monday, nobody worked that day."

A verbal confrontation ensued and McLean returned home only to be followed by the mason less than an hour later.

"He wanted to know how he could rectify the situation and wanted to hire another mason to finish the job. Based on the type of people I saw on the premises, I told him to give me a list of the materials and I would hire another mason," McLean said. "At this time, I didn't want him or the likes of his people."

That same day, Nicole McLean called the mason up and asked him how he could do such a thing to them. The yard was a mess, the lawn was ripped up, the job wasn't even a quarter complete and they had always treated him kindly.

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