Solvay-A brief history of Solvay basketball

When the Solvay girls' basketball team was close to scoring her 1000th point during last year's season, the varsity boys' basketball coach, Joe Barnello, started to wonder what other players have scored that many points. This question led him to ask where school sport records and statistics were kept.

After asking around, Barnello realized that the school's sports statistics were not well documented.

"I started going back into old yearbooks to compile as much information as I could," Barnello said. "Right now I am focusing on boys basketball and a little bit of baseball, but I will do more, it will just take time."

Barnello's love of sports and history is what made him an excellent speaker at the Solvay-Geddes Historical Society's meeting on April 18. At the meeting he shared stories of Solvay basketball teams over the years.

Barnello found it important to document and share this information with others.

arnello said. "but once it is lost it is gone forever.

Barnello centered his presentation on the idea that every person has a "story."

"As I started looking through the old yearbooks, I saw personal and family stories."

Barnello is the 11th varsity basketball coach since 1919.

"I start each season by holding up a Solvay jersey and telling my team that since 1940 only 324 kids have worn this uniform," Barnello said. "Which means wearing the Solvay uniform is something special. The uniform should be worn with pride and respect."

Barnello had the honor of giving that opening day speech about the uniforms to his sons, whom he had the pleasure to coach.

"I actually wrote a book that I am in the process of trying to publish," Barnello said. "The book is entitled "Season of my Sons" and is based on my experience of bring a father and a coach and the joy that comes with both."

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