Skaneateles talks about underage drinking Part II

Nick Fedchenko throws his weights around at the school; he knows of what he speaks

(This is part II continued from last week's coverage of a panel discussion on underage drinking. Marianne Angelillo organized a Community Forum Impact Panel "A consequence of no consequences" Wednesday April 4 at First Presbyterian Church in Skaneateles to speak to parents and students on the subject of alcohol abuse. Panelists included Coach Nick Fedchenko, former Laker athlete Matt McGlynn, and Marc and Marianne Angelillo. P.A.C.T. stands for Parents and Communities and Teens Together. This is Fedchenko's story.

The Angelillo's son Matt lost his life in a drunken driving accident.)

Nick Fedchenko is a real life Rambo. Make that was. The former Special Forces operative and state trooper is now settled down in Skaneateles with his wife Amy. They love children very much and want to start their own family. Fedchenko is one of Skaneateles' football coaches who operates the weight room at the school.

"I deal with a lot of young minds," he said. "I don't preach. I tell the kids my experiences, I'll give them examples, I won't lie, I'll tell them straight."

Fedchenko's story in regards to alcohol is one of experience.

Fedchenko father's story

"My father was an alcoholic," Fedchenko said.

Actually, his father would say, "They have to go to meetings, I'm a drunk."

"That is how he lived his life," Fedchenko said. "He refused to change himself, but he didn't want it to happen to me."

His dad came home late from work every night to rounds of 14s, which are Seagrams 7 Crown Whiskey mixed with 7-Up. He eventually hit is wife, Fedchenko's mother, and that is when they separated.

Fedchenko said at the age of 52, his father died of a massive stroke. Nick's only emotion was relief.

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