Voice of the Wildcats silenced

At the last West Genesee school board meeting, a number of parents asked the board members to reinstate sports announcer Dominic Fruscello, the former "Voice of the Wildcats."

Board President Karen Baracco said it was not a board decision.

The Post-Standard quoted Superintendent Rudolph Rubeis as saying the announcer position is a "day-to-day operations issue" under his jurisdiction. "I made my decision," he said.

Rubeis told the Advocate/Express that he was misquoted and that Fruscello, after being asked to "tone it down," decided to leave on his own.

"He was asked to moderate his announcing style, which can be perceived as not being fair or just," Rubeis said. "He chose not to do so and he walked away."

"Frankly, the topic is getting old," Rubeis said.

However, for some parents, students and community members, the topic is far from old.

"To my knowledge no one complained about him," said parent Susan Dietz. "All of the parents I know thought he did a good job."

One concerned parent, Linda Davie, has taken her frustration over the incident one step further by starting a petition to bring Fruscello back. She also wrote a letter to pass out to other parents and community members.

"His announcing style was more relaxed for the other team, but he wasn't disrespectful and he had the utmost respect from both kids and parents," Davie said. "What's wrong with having hometown advantage?"

Davie went on to say "I definitely think that it was personal. I just don't think [Fruscello] left on his own I would never believe that."

Fruscello's leaving has sparked concern with parents and students about school spirit. What is wrong with having an announcer that "pumps up" the home team.

In Davie's letter she asks why there is no wildcat mascot symbol on the new sign in front of the school or on the field.

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