Skaneateles Tea with Patience Brewster

Skaneateles artist bursts from studio for a noon to 3 p.m. tea time at the Sherwood Inn this Sunday

Lala and Spencer Brewster knew what they were up to when they named their fifth child Patience. Not because they had waited so long, but rather because her life's work has required more than her fair share of this necessary virtue.

It all started in her heart. After a very short while, her imagination pumped in. Then this all moved outside of her person into intricate detailed drawings. Books, lines of cards, furniture, house wares, holiday decorations and paintings took form.

Patience's art is ironic in that it is whimsical and serious in one breath. It makes even the stiffest of us pause and take notice. Once, while a showing of her illustrations was resting against a wall waiting to be hung in a public space, a patron walked by and said, "Now, there's a happy childhood."

Patience grew up on a horse farm alongside a pond in Plymouth Mass. She shared her bus stop with her five siblings, many cousins and swans. In her own words, "My pals were the horses, dogs, cats, chickens, pigs and cows that populated the fields surrounding us. My inspiration still comes from them, as well as the turtles, bullfrogs, fish and dragonflies on Forge's Pond. In those days we shared Plymouth Beach with fewer inhabitants -- mostly seagulls, terns and a small herd of swollen overturned fishing boats ripe with starfish, barnacles and tiny crabs."

Patience moves to Skaneateles

Patience moved to Skaneateles while in High School, where she bloomed like the phlox that runs wild around Central New York's early summer. Here she met her husband Holland "Holly" Gregg. Together they have moved inside and around several creative endeavors including music, wine, television production and children's books.

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