Wise Road clean up on hold

A nuisance complaint made about property located on Wise Road in the town of Lenox was discussed at the board meeting Oct. 10. Keith Totten, Wise Road resident had sent numerous letters to the town board and to codes enforcement Officer Rick Stagnitti complaining about various codes violations at property located at 7751 Wise Road, owned by Dale Wells and his son Christian. Records indicate the complaints began in 2004.

According to records obtained from the town offices, the first report was compiled in August of 2004 when the Madison County Environmental Health Department made a field visit to the property based on complaints made by Totten. Totten reported that the property had several junk cars and parts with tarps covered over them collecting stagnant water. The report also stated that Wells leaves out trays of rotten meat to "catch the coons, and the property has 20 cats on it, some believed to be feral.

"He gathers curbside stuff," said Totten in a phone interview. "The sheriff's department calls him a 'hoarder.' If he's a serious collector then no way do I want to deprive him of these things, but as a serious collector you can't keep all the spare parts from every car ever made and vehicles from World War II. Most serious collectors keep their stuff nice."

"I've lived across from him my entire life except for four years in the Navy and I've never seen a truckload go out, even after the board sent him a letter."

At the meeting, Supervisor Rocco DiVeronica said this was an ongoing saga and the town has to wait because Wells' attorney is looking into the American Disability Act.

"The American Disability Act has nothing to do with violating an ordinance, but still we have to wait," DiVeronica said "We are trying to clean the town up but believe me it's not easy."

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