A new hope for Seven Rays Bookstore

"I'd heard in the wind 'David wants to sell.' Well, everybody in business always wants to sell at some point," she said. "But I thought, "He'll never sell. It will always be there.' "

The original owners, David and Alima Davis, announced in January 2006 their intention to close the store and pursue other interests. For a time, it looked as though two employees of the store would take over the business. A news story to that effect ran in the Post-Standard.

"Chrissie and I saw this article in the paper about these people who were going to buy the store. I was broken-hearted," Rengert said. "I thought, now I'd never get that chance. I have a very busy practice in Armory Square as a massage therapist, and I thought well, this just wasn't meant to be. But I was sad about it."

"Then, one day I walked in here because I saw this sign that said "Closing sale," and I thought 'What's going on?' I asked Alima and she said, 'Nope it didn't sell.' I said, 'Gee I always wanted to buy it,' and she said 'Well, buy it,' and I said 'Well okay, maybe I will!'

"We talked to her husband the next day. We went out to their house, and it was like sitting down and breaking bread with your family. My daughter, my husband and I came to an understanding with them that was so amicable, it was incredible.

"What made the deal work between us was the fact that we wanted it, and they wanted to retire and sell it," she said. "And personality-wise we all connected on a very loving basis. They handed us an opportunity and we said we'll take the challenge!"

The Rengerts wanted to open on Aug. 23 with the new moon, but they couldn't manage it. They had to clean, paint, put down new carpet. They had to order books, music, and jewelry. So they opened on Labor Day weekend instead.

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