Cataldo speaks out

Despite its absence from the agenda, the controversy surrounding Superintendent Jan Matousek was the hot topic at the Liverpool Central School District Board of Education's Oct. 10 meeting.

Former Liverpool Superintendent John Cataldo spoke up at the meeting, asking several questions about the investigation into allegations brought by Athletic Director George Mangicaro against the superintendent. Cataldo questioned Mangicaro's being placed on leave, the reassignment of Bonnie Ladd, Mangicaro's girlfriend, and the board's review of the allegations brought.

"Has the superintendent been lying?" Cataldo asked. "The LCSD has been mum on the allegations. It has been reported that no one else has been reassigned. But Maureen Patterson [assistant superintendent in charge of curriculum] has put Bonnie Ladd on special assignment. Mike Reno is an independent consultant that has come in to act as director of technology in her place. The superintendent says that she is not behind George Mangicaro's removal. She said the board acted on its own. If that is true, then how did Reno show up the next day?"

Cataldo asked about the board's investigation into Mangicaro's allegations, which have not been made public. "What type of review did the board do regarding the investigations?" he asked. "Did Dennis O'Hara [attorney for the district] conduct the investigation and review? Did he review the police report and shoplifting charges previously brought against the superintendent?"

Cataldo was cut off by Board Vice President David Savlov, who was running the meeting in the absence of President Mark Lawson. "You're over your three-minute limit [per person for public comment]," Savlov said.

But Cataldo would not be silence. He stood up again after the items on the agenda were taken care of, which happened in a matter of minutes. He called for Matousek to take a leave of absence and asked for a full review of the district's books and the superintendent's conduct. But he didn't stop there.

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