Skaneateles GOP elect officers

Stanford back on top

The Skaneateles Republican Committee held elections Wednesday night and elected officers for the next two years. Dan Stanford is the new chairman, though he has previously held the office. Jack Hyatt is vice chair; Marion Lear, treasurer; and Janet Aaron, secretary. The 16-member committee is comprised of two leading members from each of the eight voting districts, who vote on the officers. Party by-laws require elections be held within 10 days of the county elections, which took place the previous week, when John de Spirito, from Solvay, received enthusiastic endorsement to assume leadership.

Glen Dick, local outgoing chair, said, "I would like to dispel the myth these committees are smoke-filled back rooms. We are all regular, family people who care about what happens in the community."

Skaneateles Republican committee:

Dan Stanford, Chair 685-5961

District 1

Sue Murphy

Jim Greenfield

District 2

Rose Hanrahan

Marion Lear

District 3

Terri Roney

Janet Aaron

District 4

Dan Stanford

Jack Hyatt

District 5

Jim Card

Ted Murdick

District 6

Bruce Kenan

Bill Eberhardt

District 7

Glenn Dick

Lori Milne

District 8

Tim Green

Richard Morris

Members at Large:

Martin Hubbard

James Rhinehart

Mark Ditch

Laura Ponticello

Grieg Dougherty

Bill Marquardt

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