Residents urge extension of residential moratorium

Department of Public Works Superintendent John Maher made a topic request for the village board's next meeting to consider replacing the swans at the swan pond with Trumpeteer swans. Unlike the existing pair, Trumpeteer swans are native to the area and will raise their young at the pond.

"In the past four years, the current pair only had babies twice," Maher said. The Trumpeteer swans would cost $2,700. A village resident donated the current pair and, if replaced, a local resident with a spring-fed pond will care for them. The board agreed to take the topic under advisement.

Engineer Ken Knutsen produced modeling results for the Westfield Drainage Project which he, along with Mayor Penhall, will present to the Manlius town board members at their next meeting on Oct. 11. The purpose of the study is to address the history of drainage problems along Westfield Drive that have had negative effects on residents' properties, specifically driveways.

Jim Raulli, village Director of recreation commented that the Manlius fire department is interested in becoming involved in next year's fireworks display. According to Raulli, the fire department feels it can contribute toward a better Fourth of July fireworks display in 2007 while saving money at the same time. Also, the rotary club will be approached for their input on next year's display.

Trustees wrapped up the village meeting with various reports. Trustee Walter Neuhausen advised the board that a silent auction will be held for the Manlius Library on Nov. 5 called "Novel Tea" and urged fellow board members and the public to attend.

"Upgrading and technology is improving and we're going to have to get with it," said Trustee Sandra Karas. She noted that radio and emergency response equipment is in need of upgrades and that there is a need for portable and mobile radios for which an increased budget will need to be approved.

Trustee Krouse made a motion to adjourn to executive session regarding personnel and contractual matters and the board unanimously passed.

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