A love that lasts

Manlius couple celebrates 70th anniversary

It's not everyday you hear about 70th wedding anniversaries. However, even in today's divorce-happy society, there are always exceptions.

Manlius residents Jacob and Anna Hootnick celebrated their seventieth anniversary last month with friends and family.

"He is my shining knight," Anna beamed.

"I think I married an angel," Jacob smiled.

The pair went to junior high school in their native Boston and lived in the same neighborhood there.

"We were around thirteen or fourteen at the time," recalled Mrs. Hootnick, "I moved away for a short while and was back in the neighborhood one day for a friend's birthday party. He [Jacob] saw me walking with my friend and shouted over to me 'Boy! Have you changed!'"

"She had that gleam in her eye," Jacob confided.

"Actually," Anna responded. " I had another boyfriend. I had a date with this guy one night and he came over to my house and sat out on the porch until the young man left."

"I made up her mind," Jacob smiled.

After saving $500 for a wedding, they married in Boston on Sept. 7, 1936. In the throes of the Great Depression, Mr. Hootnick worked several jobs to put food on the table and keep clothes on his family's back.

"There were times I didn't have two nickels to rub together," Jacob explained. "But I never had one time where we had an argument over money."

One of Mr. Hootnick's first jobs was selling moonshine. "I drove a truck for a guy delivering moonshine," he explained, "I would carry the can of moonshine inside of my sheep's skin coat and I would approach a door and knock and ask for the right person. They'd give me $5 and I'd give them 190-proof moonshine."

"This was before Prohibition," Anna pointed out.

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