Camillus-Is Pluto a Planet?

Pluto no longer a planet?

One day, NASA and other scientists did some research and claimed that Pluto was no longer a planet. They discovered that Pluto was not in its own orbit, but crossed the orbit of the planet Neptune. Then, it was possible that Pluto could merely be an asteroid thrown into our solar system, or even one of Neptune's moons. In August of 2006, the scientists announced that Pluto is now a dwarf planet.

The fifth grade Apple Corps students from Stonehedge, Split Rock, Onondaga Road, and East Hill Elementary Schools are doing what they can to convince the scientists that Pluto should still be a planet, and that size doesn't matter.

The fifth graders made a petition that kids in grades 3 through 5 and adults could sign if they felt that Pluto should still be a planet. East Hill Elementary School got about 215 signatures from kids and teachers. Split Rock had about 200 to 300 signatures. In the end, all the schools put the petitions together and sent them to scientist to prove just how many people thought that Pluto should stay in our solar system.

Some of the schools are designing T-shirts and posters; some are going on the school news, and others are writing a letter for the school newspaper. So if you agree with us, please do what you can to help bring Pluto back as a planet in our solar system.

Sincerely, the fifth grade Apple Corps from East Hill, Lynn Copeland Copeland, Jimmy Hickey, Alec Macaluso, Charotte Spiddle, Amanda Sullivan, Eric Wolfe

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