Skaneateles' Village Visions embraces technology

John Maurillo, a doctor of optometry, has a 32-year-old practice Village Visions that's perfect. Make that a perfect fit for his nature. Skaneateles' Dr. John said if he was still operating the same way he did 32 years ago, he'd be retired by now from boredom. The ever-changing aspect and life-long learning of his practice are what holds his interest.

"I'm always looking for that better piece of equipment or software," he said.

As digital technology rolled into the science of vision care, Maurillo embraced it, finding it a challenge, even fun.

At present, Village Visions is involved in a beta test of new software called Eyecoderight. Maurillo became involved through networking online with thousands of optometrists around the world.

One of the big plusses of some of his new equipment is the ability to go in and look at most patient's eyes without the need to dilate them.

"Dilating allows you to look further out. The Optomap uses spinning red and green lasers to accomplish this," Maurillo said. "Annual exams may be done without the necessity of dilation though periodically we still will dilate to get a look further out to the periphery. Some cases will require it more frequently."

But for most, there is no longer that awkward 'keep the sun out of your eyes' period after the exam.

Another interesting aspect of his practice is the location in Skaneateles; also home of Welch Allyn a medical supplies manufacturer. Maurillo was asked to field test WA's Humphrey Matrix Perimeter.

"John is very progressive in his field," WA's Rick Farchione said. "He adopts new technologies to provide state of the art care."

Farchione is the group product manager for WA's eye and ear care, which means he is the liaison between engineering and physicians. He said Maurillo's feedback has provided guidance on numerous new product developments -- to insure the products meet end user needs.

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