Baldwinsville: Boxes of fun

If you're looking to squeeze in a few more activities before the snow flies, Letterboxing might be perfect for your family. With clues easily downloaded from letterboxing.org, and the expectation of enjoying the outdoors, your family can tour some of Baldwinsville's most beautiful sites.

Letterbox locations are scattered throughout Baldwinsville and send your family on a scenic scavenger hunt. Whether hiking at Beaver Lake or playing at Lysander Park, this relatively new activity combines navigational skills, rubber stamp artistry and the thrill of exploring a variety of terrains.

Using clues provided by individuals who have carefully selected a location to tuck a journal along a path, near a rock or under a tree, letterboxing requires minimal supplies.

"Each person brings a stamp and ink pad or colored pen to 'sign' the journal," said veteran letterboxer, Danny Bridge, 9, of Baldwinsville. Unlike similar activities, letterboxing does not require a global positioning system, maps or previous knowledge of the terrain.

Clues are available for free at letterboxing.org, and some are riddles, poems, stories or rhymes. The letterboxes located in Baldwinsville do not require digging, traveling off typical paths and trails, or entering dangerous or private locations. Many are found in places such as under the bough of a distinct tree or next to a notable boulder. Once the journal is signed, you simply reseal it in the plastic container, replace it in its location and continue on the quest to the next letterbox, or to soak up the atmosphere of the surrounding scenery.

The fun is just getting started once you've uncovered all the letterboxes in Baldwinsville. There are more than 150 letterboxes located in Onondaga County and hundreds in the central New York region.

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