Marcellus Potter leads at West Point

Dylan Potter excels during West Point's plebe weekend

Marcellus' Dylan Potter was featured in the Pointer View, which is the West Point Community newspaper. The article was concerning Plebe Parent Weekend Oct. 13. Plebes are first year cadets at the academy.

Staff Writer Kathy Eastwood of the Pointer View reported that the cadet brigade staff chose their successors for the three-day event giving the freshman their first chance at command.

This year's PPW regimental commander was Cadet Fourth Class Terrence Shields of Carlisle, Penn. The training and operations officer was Cadet Fourth Class Dylan Potter from Marcellus. He plans to major in U.S. History.

On plebe weekend, the upperclassmen are sent home and the school is left in the hands of the freshman class. Because it is the military, order must prevail, and for order to prevail, a chain of command must be set up. Potter was chosen several times as "best of:" First his company, then his regiment and ultimately went up against 12 other cadets and was given a commanding position for the weekend. His primary task was the organization of the Plebe Review.

This is where the entire plebe class has to pass in formation and review in front of the superintendent and several high-ranking school officials. Basically it was a fabulous first-class parade.

Potter, as well as the other seven guys and gals, wore full dress grays and big plumed hats.

"It really was a bit of a pride-induced tear jerkier," Potter's mother Elaine said.

Potter's party of family and friends were invited to a punch before dinner at the brigadier general's house, which included many high-ranking officials, such as a four-star general. There was more top brass in that room than most military folk see in their lifetime.

Dylan Potter of Rose Hill Road was whisked to Westpoint Academy the evening of his high school graduation this year. He is pictured here fourth from the left as part of West Point's Class of 2010 Regimental Command for Plebe-Parent Weekend.

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