Baldwinsville: From photos to frames

Mitch O'Neil calls the digital generation the lost generation.

Not for a lack of snapshots, but rather a lack of physical photos.

"People aren't printing their photos anymore," O'Neil said. "They take them and put them on the computer."

O'Neil, owner of O'Neil Photo & Frame, has been in business in the Baldwinsville area for 17 years, seven of which have been in his current location at River Mall.

"We offered the first on-site photo developing in Baldwinsville,

With the photo developing business quickly becoming a thing of the past due to digital cameras, O'Neil stays on top by offering his customers other needed services.

"We've always done framing. With the rise of the digital era, we needed another niche and framing has taken off," O'Neil said. "Also, with framing we can still use creativity and offer high standards."

O'Neil grew up in Baldwinsville and focused on photography at Baker High School. After graduating, he took photography classes in college, then traveled around before settling back in Baldwinsville.

"I had lived in a lot of big cities and I decided I wanted to move to a small town and what better place than home."

O'Neil moved back and started his business.

"Photography is the only thing I have done since high school and college," O'Neil said. "It has always been my calling."

Digital vs. film

According to O'Neil, customers get a higher quality photo from 35mm film and photographic paper than from digital prints.

"You want your prints on photographic paper because the photos are crisper and film has a better look," O'Neil said.

He also said printing photos from a digital camera is not cost effective. O'Neil can print 35mm prints with superior quality for nearly half the cost of digital prints.

"The misconception is that printing is cheaper, but the money just isn't there for digital prints," O'Neil said.

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