Manlius: Park raises $10,500 in brick sales

The brick-paving project at Veterans Memorial Park will likely pay for itself. At the Oct. 24 meeting of the Manlius village board, Superintendent John Maher noted that brick sales for project now total $10,500, exceeding the project's original cost estimate of $10,000.

Maher reminded board members that they agreed to stand behind the park in terms of cost "if there is a windfall." The park will open with a ceremony on Nov. 11 at 11 a.m. at the village hall.

The building that formerly housed the Black Tie formal shop in Manlius will be demolished soon. Trustee Eric Krouse noted that the owner of the building, the School Employees Federal Credit Union (SEFCU), has received a demolition permit for the property.

"It's probably gonna come down in the next couple of days," said Mayor Rick Penhall.

Krouse speculated that, since SEFCU owns three other properties adjacent to the Black Tie building, the credit union may have a bigger plan in the works. "My concern is that they may be looking to consolidate those lots to make a bigger credit union," Krouse said.

However, such activity would not go unmonitored, as any potential developments of that scope would be scrutinized under the goals of the Vision Manlius project, which has yet to outline a concrete timeline for its completion.

"We're still in a stage of drafting goals, not objectives," stated trustee Natalie Miner who serves on the Visionanlius committee.

Trustee Walter Neuhauser asked when the final product will be ready for review. Miner responded that it would be after January 2007 before objectives could be formed. "I'm just trying to get a feel for [the timeline]," Neuhauser said. The Vision Manlius committee will meet twice in November.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is still waiting for the board to use or lose the grant funds it gave to the village for the repair of a trash rack, a part of the Limestone Creek stabilization project. Village engineer Chuck White, said that the trash rack is "in poor condition at this time," noting that "the money was given up front" by FEMA to the village, and something should be done soon to repair the trash rack or give the money back. The Westfield Drainage project is still flowing along. There will be a public hearing on Nov. 3 at the Manlius town boardroom concerning direction of water flow. A survey of drainage inputs on Kevin Circle between 7598 and 7602 Highbridge Rd. is in the works. A scope of services for the project will include surveying by a subcontractor and preliminary design.

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