Elbridge: Barclay and Putnam face off in Elbridge

The Calvary Bible Baptist Church in Elbridge hosted a "Meet the Candidate" evening on Oct. 28. Kevin Young, Ed Putnam, John DeFrancisco, Kevin Walsh, Venessa Bogan, Martha Mulroy, Joe Price, Patricia DeRue, Will Barclay and Jim Walsh were the candidates who attended the open meeting, where they answered questions from the public.

"We are all Americans here tonight," Reverend said. "And, as Americans we have the right to ask questions of our potential leadership."

The Reverend acted as moderator of the debate and kept each candidate's answers to two minutes.

The race for the 124th District between Will Barclay and Ed Putnam prompted a number of questions from those in attendance.

"I am running again because I believe there is a lot of work that needs to be done in the 124th district," Will Barclay said.

"I want to do something significant during my retirement," Ed Putnam said. "I want to help make some change and elevate problems in Albany. I want to be a voice of hope."

When asked how they will accomplish reform or effect change in Albany both candidates had specific ideas.

"First of all I am not going to vote for Shelly Silver," Barclay said. "I will keep my grassroots efforts going and continue to act as a mouthpiece for the people."

"I would work to break down partisanship and focus on what the needs of the people are. It's about what's good for the people, not the party lines," Putnam said. "I can work with people who think differently than me. I learned that from being a clergyman."

When asked what their thoughts on the definition of marriage, Barclay and Putnam had opposing beliefs.

"My answer has two parts," Putnam said. "First, I do not believe that the issue of defining marriage is part of the legislative process. It is a biblical issue not a political one. I don't think that I would vote for a legislator who tried to define marriage for me."

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