Skaneateles town board at work

The cost of this project is $680,000. A blanket easement for maintenance and operation would be dedicated to the town. The estimated annual cost of operation of the sewer district is $50,000, which would be recovered through the assessment of an annual charge to the developer of $735 per unit.

Supervisor Phil Tierney asked if the DEC had checked whether effluent would run into the outlet. Engineer Pickard replied that the county health department would have to certify that it would not. Councilor Barbara Spain inquired whether other towns in the area had similar systems and Messenger replied that Lafayette and Hastings, in Oswego County, were two that he knew of.

The board voted to keep the public hearing open until its next meeting on Jan. 18 so that it might gather information from other municipalities with similar sewage systems within their boundaries. The public hearing will be reconvened at 7:30 p.m. that evening.

Clothing allowance

The board also unanimously approved the creation of a voucher system to track the expenditures for each town employee's clothing allowance. Employees are granted an annual allowance of $250 for work-related clothing items, plus $50 for safety shoes. Tierney said that town employees would be able to submit their expenses via a voucher at any time during the year.

"This will give the town the ability to audit more carefully," he said.

Under the previous system, a vendor kept track of each employee's charges.

In other action:

The councilors unanimously approved a slate of eight appointees to comprise the town's safety committee. The new committee members include Councilor Ellen Kulik, Bruce Famoly, Joe Dwyer, Todd Hall, Allan Wellington, Dana Pickering, Dave Alfreds and Andrea Dodson.

The councilors also unanimously approved two appointees to the new dispatch review committee -- Doreen Simmons and Christine Buff. This committee is a product of collaboration between the town and village governments, each of which will appoint two members. The fifth member, the chairman, will be a joint appointee by both the town and village boards. The town appointed John Paddock, a retired rear admiral who formerly worked for General Electric.

"I know him well," said Councilor Ted Astemborski. "I think he's an excellent choice."

Supervisor Tierney said that Lee Buttolph and Kathryn Carlson are the village's two appointees, and that the village also appointed Paddock for the chairmanship.

The Skaneateles Town Board will next meet on Jan. 18, 2007 at 7 p.m. at the Skaneateles Fire Department building on Fennell Street.

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