Skaneateles town board at work

Zennamo added that local residents should have the opportunity to hook into water mains serving the extended district.

Barry Pickard, engineer for the development, said that the developer only pays the capital costs for the development area itself. Town engineer Doug Wickman said residents adjacent to the proposed development could petition the town by letter to join the extended district but would be responsible for the cost of installing water mains to extend service to their properties. A separate public hearing would have to be held on such a project.

Bruce Famoly, foreman of the town water department, said that the establishment of the extended district would create a small triangle of land that is surrounded by town water districts but that would not be part of any district. Roughly speaking, this triangle would be located east of the intersection of Jordan and Jewett Roads and Old Seneca Turnpike.

"Some people are getting water who are not in a district," said Bill Pavlus, former supervisor. "This is the time to enclose all this in so you don't have an empty spot."

Jim Messenger of Old Seneca Heights agreed. He said that residents should take this opportunity to request a new district, adding that it is illegal to force a developer to pay for extending water lines to other properties.

The councilors moved to keep the public hearing open through Jan. 17 to allow residents, including those who may be interested in joining a water district, to submit written comments.

Sewer district

As proposed, the new sewer district would cover 54.5 acres owned by Old Seneca Heights. Each of the 11 buildings would have its own onsite sewage disposal system, consisting of a 2,000-gallon septic tank with an underground pump station.

Effluent would be discharged into absorption trenches, where it would percolate through a seven-inch pad, a biomass, a six-inch layer of concrete sand, and finally another biomass. Each trench would be 96 inches long and 30 inches deep.

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