Madison County: Henderson: Van will save money

The Madison County Board of Supervisors' Finance, Ways and Means Committee met Dec. 19. Supervisors Scott Henderson (Oneida Wards 1, 2 and 3), David Puddington (Eaton), Richard Bargabos (Smithfield), Russell Cary (Fenner) and Loren Corbin (Brookfield) passed several resolutions concerning end-of-year budget transfers before discussing two resolutions proposed by Supervisor James Goldstein (Lebanon).

Goldstein introduced three resolutions on the floor at the Dec. 8 Board of Supervisors meeting: one proposing supervisor salaries remain at the 2006 levels next year, one eliminating a $5,000 stipend for Personnel Director Mary Krause and the third reducing Budget Officer Russell Lura's stipend from $10,000 to $5,000 for his budget responsibilities. The resolution addressing the budget officer stipend also eliminates the proposed purchase of a $19,000 mini-van for supervisors' use when a single passenger vehicle is not large enough to transport them.

The resolution regarding supervisor pay was defeated, supported only by Goldstein, Sullivan Supervisor John M. Becker and Cazenovia Supervisor Liz Moran. Goldstein pulled the other two to be presented at the board's Dec. 27 meeting.

According to Lura, each of the items enumerated in Goldstein's resolutions, though money is set aside in the 2007 budget, would have to be approved by the board.

Henderson said using a vehicle that could haul more people would result in savings to the county through reduced fuel consumption. He said the last two times the Board of Supervisors sought to use one of the two vans kept in departmental pools, there wasn't one available. According to Henderson, the county also has had to rent vans when they needed more vehicle capacity.

"We have two [vans]," Lura said. "One will be kept "

" and one should be given a proper burial," Henderson said.

Lura said Goldstein feels the county should purchase vehicles through departments that may be eligible for reimbursement for those costs, then passed on for the Board of Supervisors' use down the road.

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