In Erin's Eyes

What have we gotten ourselves into?

Brian and I set the date for our wedding during the summer and since then I have been making some plans for the upcoming event. Actually, the only thing I have done (besides hours of research and pulling my hair out) is to reserve the church and reception hall. Brian and I also completed our pre-wedding class.

Everything else has been an endless headache.

Brian is my best friend. We have our own world together, one that only he and I share with our most intimate thoughts, dreams and plans -- a level at which no one else can ever understand us. Knowing he is going to be my husband not only makes complete sense to me, but also creates a feeling of euphoria within me that I cannot describe.

Now that I have expressed my feelings for Brian and my delight in our impending marriage:

Who spends $2,000 on a wedding cake? You eat it and it's gone. Of course, if you eat a lot of it you can wear it on your hips (and for that price, it better show). And what about the flowers, center pieces and favors? I want to show my guests I appreciate them sharing our day, but do they really want to take home M&M's with our initials and wedding date printed on them? For crying out loud, M&M's are meant for eating, not keepsakes. No doubt, the novelty is pretty cool, but is it practical?

I don't intend to deny any woman her fairytale wedding, nor do I want to discredit the businesses that do a beautiful job contributing to make that dream a reality. I just don't see the need to begin a marriage by going ridiculously into debt.

Anyway, the primary purpose of a wedding is for the couple to commit to each other for eternity. And most couples want to share this life changing moment with friends and family, hence a reception. But when did the wedding overtake the marriage?

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