Solvay High will have new principal

The relationship between Solvay High School Principal Joseph A. Rotella and Assistant Principal Jay Tinklepaugh is one that began many years ago when the pair attended high school together. They have worked as a team for the last four and a half years to improve Solvay High School on an academic and aesthetic level. In a changing of the guard that begins Jan. 2, Tinklebaugh will become principal at Solvay and Rotella will move on to be Superintendent of Onondaga Central Schools.

When Rotella began his career at the high school, one of the first decisions he made was to hire Tinklepaugh. For Rotella, leaving Solvay was a tough decision to make, but he has the upmost confidence in the man that will be taking over his position.

When asked about his feelings concerning becoming principal in the middle of the school year, Tinklepaugh was confident and unconcerned.

"Joe and I have always worked closely together, so there are many good things going on currently at the school," Tinklebaugh said. "The transition will be more of a continuation of what has already been going on regarding improvements to student achievements and outcomes. Everyone has been very supportive. We have a great staff and an excellent board of education."

The improvements

Creating an environment that is conducive to learning has been the teams biggest concern. In the four- and -a -half years that the two have worked side-by-side, there have been improvements in attendance, discipline and to the building itself.

"We have a qualified staff, which we have supported by providing additional instructional support to, in order to provide them with continuing teacher education," Rotella said. "Also, one of the most positive chances at the high school is the addition of 48 credits of college level courses that students have access to."

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