Camillus Town Board did not bail out WAVES

The town of Camillus has recently been accused of "bailing-out" WAVES. The board has also been criticized for not letting the public vote on whether or not the town should purchase the WAVES building.

At the most recent town board meeting on Dec. 12, a letter to the editor criticizing the board's decision was read out loud, at the request of the writer, to those in attendance. Board members then took the time to explain their reasons for making the decisions that they did regarding WAVES. They were also able to explain that the town did not bail out WAVES.

A public notice was sent out one month prior to a public meeting, at which only one person was in opposition to the board's desire to buy the WAVES building.

"WAVES sacrificed their equity to finance their losses. The town bought the property and WAVES is paying rent to the town and taking care of all of their own maintenance," said board lawyer, Dirk Oudermool said.

"Because WAVES is able to use its equity to pay off debts, it will be able to break even at the end of the year. Also, regardless of what happens the town now owns a brand new building, which it would be able to sell in the event that WAVES left the area," said Third Ward Councilor Bill Davern. "The town exhausted a host of other possible solutions before making the decision to purchase the building."

"We watched the WAVES budget carefully for a year. We tried to find alternatives to help with their deficits, but they didn't get enough federal money and they couldn't get a line of credit," Davern said. "Everything they are doing is correct. They just can't get enough money for the services that they provide. The only solution was to give additional funds."

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